Setting up Abstractor Access to GPRO WI

Submission of patient-level data is completed through a tool referred to as the GPRO Web Interface (WI). Abstractors must request and gain access to the WI through CMS via the following steps.

CMS Web Enterprise Portal:

Quality Payment Program Help Line: 866-288-8292


1. Obtain an EIDM Account

Any individual who will submit information for the GPRO (or who will oversee the submission process for the ACO) must obtain an EIDM account. For all steps for obtaining an EIDM account, go to EIDM_Account_Registering_Creating.pdf.

CMS will also host a webinar training session on obtaining an EIDM account on Thursday, December 15, 2016, Noon–1:00 PM.

NOTE: Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS) and QualityNet Roles Management System (QRMS) accounts and roles CANNOT be used for quality reporting.

EIDM: Things to Know

  1. If you’ve already submitted GPRO, you will not need a new EIDM account.
  2. You will be asked personal information such as email, phone, etc..
  3. After getting an EIDM, The POM ACO Security Official will complete your role request.
  4. For an EIDM account application, abstractors will need the following information.

Field: Information

  • ACO Name: Physician Organization of Michigan ACO
  • ACO Number: A1297
  • Employer ID Number (EIN) or TIN: 45-4542046
  • Legal Address: POM ACO, 2600 Green Road, Suite 150-C, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, 734-232-1482

After creating your EIDM account, you will receive the following email from Email #1: confirming your registration.

Thank you for registering. The User ID that you have chosen is [YOURUSERID]. You can log in to the CMS Portal using the following link with your User ID and Password. Please keep this E-mail for your records. If you are accessing CMS Portal using the Internet link "", please use the link below:

You can now set up a Web Interface Submitter role.


2. Setting up a New Web Interface Submitter Role in the CMS portal

After you’ve registered, set up your Web Interface Submitter role. For all steps for obtaining an setting up a Web Interface Submitter Role, go to EIDM_New_PVPQRS_Provider_Role.pdf.

After requesting the Web Interface Submitter role, you will receive the following email from Email #2: confirming your request for Web Interface Submitter Role.

Thank you for your request. Your request has generated the following Request Tracking number(s): 17109310 - ADD - Web Interface Submitter - Organization - Physician Organization of Michigan ACO (2600 Green Rd, Ann Arbor, MI).

You must wait for the Security Officer to approve the role request.


3. POM ACO Security Officer Approves Role

After a new request for the Web Interface Submitter Role has been submitted, the POM ACO Security Officer must approve it. Once approved, a notification will be emailed to the abstractor informing them of the action that was completed with their request. Email #3: confirming your Web Interface Submitter Role.

Your EIDM request 17109310 has been approved. The following is the Justification for Action that was entered: 2016 abstractor. You requested: Application Name: Physician Quality and Value Programs Role Name: Web Interface Submitter. Organization: Physician Organization of Michigan ACO (2600 Green Rd, Ann Arbor, MI)

To manage your EIDM account, go to EIDM_Account_Managing.pdf.