Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO)

This is the central repository for the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) for the 2016 performance year. If you would like to see other information not located on this page, please notify James Malayang.

2016 Collection Team

Project Lead: James Malayang, Sr. Project Manager

Lead Abstractor: Cana Howard, MSN, RN, Performance Improvement Coordinator



List is sorted by alpha last name. If there is an error, or an abstractor needs to be added or removed, please notify James Malayang.

  • Nadia Aniece (HVPA)
  • Sabrina Averiette (OSP)
  • Michelle Bartle (OM)
  • Barb Biggar (MM)
  • Tina Champion (WCM)
  • Shelly Deel (HVPA)
  • Michelle Dewey (UP)
  • Jamie Fagerle (MM)
  • Nancy Griffith (IHA)
  • Christy Hankins (IHA)
  • Antionette Henry (POWM)
  • Cana Howard (UM)
  • Melissa Kirshner (OM)
  • Tesia Looper (UP)
  • Carla Lough (OSP)
  • Julie Moser (HVP)
  • Cherie Nyhuis (POWM)
  • Paige Pagano (UP)
  • Jane Payne (OM)
  • Stephanie Ruple (IHA)
  • Phil Rusinowski (WCM)
  • Lori Schultz (UP)
  • Jenny Slabaugh (OM)
  • Holly Standhardt (UP)
  • Sarah Travis (MM)
  • Brenda Turner (MM)